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Music Arrangement - by Jane

"Music arrangement, or song arrangement means deciding what parts of the song will come in what order, and the shape, flow and style of the song you have written.

So, if you’re struggling to understand what type of song you have written or where it fits into the recognised world of music, I can help, with my Song Arranger hat on.

You may want to hear your existing recording or song as a Soul Ballad, or a Pop Song. Or it may be that you have written a theme for a soundtrack. I will be able to take what you have a develop it further so that it sounds more appropriate to the genre, and closer to what you imagined.

This is part-way to producing.

I will firstly need to play the song simply on a piano, and make sure all the main components are in place. If there is something missing, I can help you to add or tweak  the missing part to the melody, structure. I can also adjust the instrumentation and the rhythmn to make the song more intuitive. I may also add in spaces or take away spaces to improve the sense of urgency or create a more relaxed sound.

There are also elements which can be added to make a song sound more familiar. This depends on your taste.

Instrumentation and how each line interacts can become very important in the catchiness of your final song.

The drums and bass are very significant in determining how people react to your music, and as your Music Arranger, I can work to make the overall sound more impactful, and help you make decisions about whether you want real instruments or sampled instruments.

So wherever you have arrived at with your song, I can add and edit it quite significantly to allow it to breathe, and to give it momentum and purpose.

I carry out Music Arrangement at £45 per hour. I ask that my work is credited where possible. "